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…and we provide training and consulting in their use.

We also provide general consulting and expert witness services.

NOTE — in 2013 our name changed from Pennington Systems Incorporated to XTRAN, LLC and our domain changed from Pennington.com to XTRAN-LLC.com (for both Web and email).

Would you like to automate your software work?

XTRAN is a software meta-tool we have developed that marries compiler and expert system technologies to provide the automation of software engineering tasks involving a wide variety of computer languages, using a rules language that can be learned by any senior software engineer.  XTRAN comes with many existing rule sets for automating a wide variety of software engineering tasks, so you can start using it right out of the box.

Via its rules language, XTRAN provides automation of virtually any software engineering task to the greatest possible extent.  This automation includes:

This includes automating every aspect of every software engineering project and process, including major undertakings.  Examples include the following; you can click on each one for more information.

We back up this claim with many XTRAN examples.

How can XTRAN benefit you?

XTRAN's benefits apply to any organization with responsibility for a significant amount of code.  To find out how, please review the following common benefits first:

Then come back and select the one that best describes you:


Whether you want to document, analyze, standardize, improve, or re-engineer your code, or need to change programming languages, computer hardware, operating systems, or APIs, our software and services can help you.  Put our 45+ years of creating sophisticated, high-quality software to work for you!

Questions?  Comments?

If you have questions or comments about XTRAN, us, or this Web site, please contact us.

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