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Software Assessment, Transformation, and Translation Services

In addition to software assessment / analysis, transformation / re-engineering, generation, and translation tools, we also offer expertise, on a consulting basis, in assessing and transforming software, and in porting it to new platforms, especially targeting *nix variants, Windows, and VMS, and especially using XTRAN, our software meta-tool, which marries compiler and expert system technologies to provide rule-driven automation of the assessment / analysis, transformation / re-engineering, generation, and translation of assemblers, 3GLs, 4GLs, XML, HTML, and proprietary, scripting, Web, data base, and special-purpose languages, as well as data and text.

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XTRAN Training Services

We offer training in the use of XTRAN; in fact, such training is required in order to license XTRAN.

XTRAN training typically comprises five days on-site, and covers all activities XTRAN can automatecode analysis, re-engineering, generation, and translation.  Any competent senior software developer can be trained to use XTRAN, including its rules language.

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General Consulting Services

We also offer general consulting services.  Our Principal Consultant is Stephen F. Heffner, President and founder of XTRAN, LLC, who has been an independent systems consultant since 1972.  Click for Mr. Heffner's résumé, for his Curriculum Vitæ, and for his profile.

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Expert Witness and Forensic Services

Expert Witness Services

Stephen F. Heffner, our founder and President, is an Expert Witness with report, deposition, and court testimony experience.   Mr. Heffner provides expertise in the following fields:

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Automation of Forensic Analysis (Code / Data / Text)

XTRAN, our expert system, can be used to automate the forensic analysis of a broad range of computer languages , data, and text.  This includes issues such as:

Mr. Heffner has used XTRAN to automate forensic analysis in the course of his Expert Witness work.

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