XTRAN, LLC was founded in 1977 as Pennington Systems Incorporated, in Pennington, New Jersey, to develop and market software tools and utilities.  The founder and President is Stephen F. Heffner, who is the inventor, designer, and implementer of most of our software products and tools.  In addition to being a software entrepreneur, Mr. Heffner is also an Enterprise and IT Architect, educator, international consultant, and expert witness.  Click for Mr. Heffner's résumé, for his Curriculum Vitæ, and for his profile.

In 1978, we introduced SPEEDSORT, a high-performance sorting utility for the RSX/IAS family of operating systems on Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP) PDP-11 computers.

In 1979, we introduced XFORM, a screen form programming tool originally written in Digital PDP-11 assembly code for use under the RSX/IAS family of operating systems.  We subsequently ported XFORM to the Digital VAX/VMS computer family in VAX assembly code, and to the PC under MS/DOS in C.  We no longer actively market XFORM, but it is still in use in a number of sites, both in the United States and abroad.

In 1980, we introduced CONPAX, a specialized code translation tool that translated Digital PDP-11 assembly code to VAX "native mode" assembly code.  CONPAX was used in over forty conversion projects involving millions of lines of code.

In 1984, we introduced XTRAN, our software development meta-tool, which marries compiler and expert system technologies to automate the manipulation of computer languages, data, and text.  XTRAN's powerful rules language can automate the analysis, improvement, transformation, generation, and translation of any computer language, including assemblers, 3GLs, 4GLs, XML, HTML, and proprietary, Web, scripting, data base, and special-purpose languages.

In 2013, we changed our name from Pennington Systems Incorporated to XTRAN, LLC.

We also provide consulting services, primarily in the software development area (as we have done since 1972), as well as expert witness and forensic services.